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Azteca Designs

What we offer

Unmatched Service From Concept to Creation


 We are known for our hard work, dedication, and customer satisfaction in all facets of construction.

Our focus is serving education, healthcare, local, state, and federal government. We do not deviate from what we know and believe; this is what makes AZTECA Designs, Inc. successful.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

AZTECA Designs, Inc started providing a true turn-key solution in 2004. We were asked by several clients if we can provide interior demolition and installation, after our first job we were compelled to provide more services such as these. Our leap of faith has led AZTECA to procure more interior and exterior finish out projects for our clients, and it showed that the confidence bestowed upon by our clients has pushed us to grow as a company and be able to provide an all-inclusive service.


AZTECA Designs, Inc provides all types of flooring and installation. We can create our own designs or help yours come to fruition. We are capable of supplying and installing all designs for all our jobs. When you hire AZTECA, you’re hiring an experienced, talented company


AZTECA Designs, Inc provides painting services, we can achieve a design with any paint and customize any office or building. We added painting to our services so AZTECA can provide a turn-key design solution to meet all our client’s needs.


AZTECA Designs, Inc offers sidewalk, concrete slabs, decks, restriping of parking lots, and overlaying parking lots with new asphalt.