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Azteca Designs

Mastery in General Construction

AZTECA Designs and Construction an paralleled company with unmatched customer satisfaction

We started off as AZTECA Designs, Inc. now AZTECA Designs and Construction, ready to take on any job and any obstacle along the way!! 


AZTECA Designs, Inc. is a certified Hispanic Woman-Owned construction firm, known for thier hard work, dedication, and customer satisfaction in all facets of construction. AZTECA has many licensed partners in all trades ready and is able to offer our customers an all-inclusive service. Our focus is serving education, healthcare, local, state, and the federal government. We do not deviate from what we know and believe; this is what makes AZTECA Designs, Inc. successful.


AZTECA Designs and Construction is top in its class when it comes to interior finishes able to provide top quality products from well renowned brands. AZTECA offers the best quality, style and workmanship in all Interior and Exterior finishes. AZTECA can also offer the best licensed professionals for every specialty work.


AZTECA Designs and Construction also specializes in painting giving top quality jobs with saturated finishes.


AZTECA Designs and Construction’s roots are in flooring, and we are suppliers from some of the top brands widely used in government project being able to accommodate to any type of flooring project.


AZTECA Designs and Construction can’t start without a good foundation, AZTECA has very skilled workers that will provide all your pavement and concrete needs to deliver that great foundation.


AZTECA Designs, Inc. is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.


Building not only structures but partnerships

– We strive to not only bring our clients a great project but to also form great partnerships that hold true for many years to come, AZTECA Designs and Construction is proud to declare that most of our work does not come from one-time callers but from repeated customers, that are only a testimony of AZTECA’s integrity and performance.